1 point win 360 S6 Pro


1. Every participant should use a certain number of points to purchase the shares (each participant is forbidden to buy shares that exceeds the prescriptive number).
2. Participants would gain a number after they buy their own shares. Once the total shares of each prize are all sold out, the system would randomly pick up one of the numbers to be the winning number. THE ONE who got this number is the winner.
3. The participant who wins the prize would be notified through emails. Please pay a close attention to the notification.
4. If the total shares are eventually less than the prescriptive ones within the given time, the prizes will be deemed as a failure. And the points you contribute to this prize would automatically return to your personal account.
5. The lucky guys winning the prize would receive a coupon ($0.01) that could be only used for the prize you gain from the activity. It will be dispatched after you spend $0.01 to complete the order.
6. Returns and exchanges are not applicable for the items you gain from this activity.

Gewinnspiel Regeln

1. Export the latest 50 records of participation before the lucky draw of a product. If the number of purchase records is less than 50, all of them will be exported.
2. Take the date and time of the recorded purchases, including the year, month, date, hour, minute, and second (UTC+8) as integers and add all of them up.
3. Divide the sum above by the required number of shares of the product.
4. The remainder plus one equal to the winning number.
5. The holder of the winning number is deemed the winner.

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    360 S6 Pro LDS Lidar Laser Navigation Nass und Trocken 5200mAh Roboter Staubsauger 53dB Geräuscharm RF Omnidirektional + APP Dual Fernbedienung 2200Pa Absaugung

    Links: 896 20000 Aktie(n) 1 Punkt(e) pro Aktie Beginnen Sie mit 1 bis zu 1000 Teilen
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1.Während die Aktivität, können Sie einen Super-Gutschein austauschen, indem points.The genaue Menge verwendet, wird auf die Aktivität gezeigt werden bezahlt.

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