Gocomma delivers a range of affordable, high quality mobile accessories for tech lovers. From Bluetooth car chargers, screen protectors to adapters, enjoy a smarter mobile life. Compact and practical, don't leave home without the latest in Gocomma technology products.

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L’ho appena ricevuto oggi ed ho fatto la prova.Tengo a precisare che ho un’altro Michelin,pagato piu’ di 60€ quindi il doppio,non e’ per niente semplice da usare quindi non c’e’ paragone nella durata d’utilizzo.Con il Michelin per misurare la pressione degli pneumatici c’e’ un’apparecchio a batterie che devo inserire sulla valvola,poi devo avvitare il tubo del compressore,gonfiare “ad occhio” la ruota,svitare e poi riposizionare l’apparecchio a batterie per vedere se la pressione in bar e giusta ecc. molto lungo e molto faticoso insomma...<br>Invecce con il Gocomma e’ tutto molto piu’ semplice e per il prezzo che costa lo ricomprerei senza esitare.Complimenti ottimo prodotto!
Buscava por uma babá eletrônica. Comprei a princípio com está intenção no entanto, essas câmeras me surpreenderam tanto pela qualidade da imagem quanto por outras funções. Além da detecção de choro, o detector de movimentos, seguir objetos, comunicação em duas vias e qualidade das imagens na visão noturna são surpreendentes para uma câmera neste valor. Me arrependo de ter comprado somente duas pois hoje às ulilizos com câmeras de monitoramento interno em minha casa. Só ficou devendo a integração com assistentes virtuais com Google Home e Amazon Alexa.
Easy to install. User friendly pairing app. could be a bit compact in size but good buy at this price. I recommend for friends. <br><br>made some ad-hoc improvisation by making holes at bottom panel for input and output to make it a cleaner installation. applied two way tape to secure on existing board where I had empty space. right now using just for light but will order more for other purposes..
Fast shipping. Great quality product for low price. It was not the prettiest I have had but for approximately $40 you got yourself a great deal. It is made with 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM, on Android 9.0 and for 6K ULTRA HD. For now, the most important thing is to see if it works properly.
Very happy to receive the product. In the box, there are two mini walkie-talkie, perfect size for the pockets. They are both light in the hand, well-made. I bought this pair for my kids to play. They really love them. After loading the battery, I tried for a while, many tones are available. The sound is nice, and I am looking forward to camping with them as communication tools.
blood oxygen detection, heart rate monitoring, heart rate alarm, sleep monitoring, alarm clock reminder, sedentary reminder, SMS reminder, WeChat reminder, QQ reminder, call reminder, turn on the wrist screen, Rejecting calls, sports running mode, magnetic charging, finding bracelet, exercise pedometer, exercise track, calories, weather forecast, WeChat exercise, information storage...Worth it
I am writing this review after one week usuage. Overall, the watch is very great for daily use.<br><br>The screen is clear and i can see the contents under the strong light, not dazzling. My favorite function is temperature monitoring, which allows you to know your body temperature in real time, which can be used as a health reference。<br><br>7 sports modes is enough for me to track my sports.
I think this cell phone holder is of good quality and fits well to keep my phone in place in my car. The only thing is that it will only hold my phone with the cell case is off of my phone or when I use a very thin phone case so keep this in mind if you are thinking of purchasing this item. It's a great item if it fits your phone.
It was delivered late and I understand it's due to the lockdown.<br>The game works fine. Smooth running. Connection to TV with the AV cord. Battery last for more than three hours of continuous use. Quality sound.<br>Good for the price.
Good radio. It tunes a lot of radio stations even in flat/apartment. Autotune function works as expected. I like removable battery. Mini USB for charging is not very common these days. MicroUSB should be better but that is the real world. I do not like 7 seg display - LEDs should osscillate with higher frequency. Now the blinking is visible and it is not good for eye health. Overall result - good product.
Very cute and comfortable watch. I am still getting used to it. I have used it for more than a week and everything is fine. The function and quality are not inferior to brand-name watches at all! If you want a full-featured watch with a low budget, this is a good choice!
Brilliant earbuds top quality sound plus rechargeable in the storage case so you can charge the case and take it with you plus digital power readout when the buds are in the box so you know when they need charging, plus fast fully tracked delivery.A1.............................
je suis très satisfait de mon achat acheter, Dash Cam pour un prix très compétitifs.
Ovviamente è una questione di fisica, quindi funziona. Prodotto realizzato piuttosto bene. Il rivestimento della placca di alluminio è antiaderente, i 4 gommini sono asportabili e quindi il tutto può essere lavato facilmente.
Il prodotto è arrivato nel tempo stimato e corrisponde alla descrizione L’adattatore è pratico e funzionale, piccolo da entrare in tasca. Funziona con due pile da AA lo consiglio soprattutto per il rapporto qualità prezzo.Ottimo acquisto sul sito Gear Beast, sono molto soddisfatto.
I find myself measuring things a lot during DIY work and a tape measure is difficult to use alone for large areas. This is perfect, really easy to use with a lot of functions and very accurate.
2 einfache dünne Hüllen, die aber auf jeden Fall gut passen und vor Kratzern und Fingerabdrücken schützen. Gegen Fallschäden dürfte der Schutz Minimal sein. Aber das hatte ich bei dem Doppelpack auch nicht erwartet. Für den Preis absolut ok und für jeden perfekt, der eine sehr schlanke Hülle sucht.
Notification options are very convenient. I like to see text messages and phone calls coming in. I really like to check my sleep the night before, and the fitness tracker seems to be quite accurate.
gocomma Simple Utility Small Card Cutter Wire Stripping Knife - Yellow<br>403093701 предназначен для зачистки кабеля UTP/STP категории CAT-5, CAT-5e, CAT-6 а также для расшивки на кросс лезвием
velmi eko dobrá kvalita na těžší telefon už má trochu problém velmi eko dobrá kvalita na těžší telefon už má trochu problém velmi eko dobrá kvalita na těžší telefon už má trochu problém
It was so light that I didn't even notice it was there, and there was no problem sleeping with it. The heart rate test is very accurate. I've checked it manually, and it's very accurate.
ich habe die Tasche nun schon eine ganze Weile und bin top zufrieden!<br>!! es passt bequem mein Redmi 8 Note (6.3'') rein und lässt sich gut durch die Schutzfolie bedienen.<br>Die Riemen sind lang genug, somit lässt sich die Rahmentasche sicher am Rohr fixieren.<br><br>** kann man mit ruhigem Gewissen weiterempfehlen **
So far, in the gym exercise, daily life and sleeping equipment, I do not see any scratches or visible marks on the body of the watch, as for the display, I am sure it is durable.
This Laser is about half the price of well known brands and it is making a nice job. <br>You can switch between the cross line or just a horizintal oder vertical laser. <br>Even in daylight the laserlight has a good visibility.
Very good set for a pasionate of working. Has complete set of bits for usual jobs. Nice case, love the closing system.<br>Very good value for money!
Produto em perfeitas condições, em caixa completa com aparelho, base de carregamento, cabo de carregamento e manual (em inglês). Estando a funcionar correctamente, falta apenas testar as capacidades que este aparelho possui, no que diz respeito à sua função básica (estética). Recomendo.
Lo utilizo en ocasiones para que mis perros no ladren de forma constante cuando me voy y cuando estoy fuera de casa durante todo el día.<br>Con las opciones de pitido y vibración son más que suficiente.
Ein super Teil mit hochwertiger Verarbeitung. Egal ob die eingesteckte Micro SD, ein USB Stick, eine Maus, Tastatur und tatsächlich kann mann auch darüber ein anderes Telefon aufladen.<br>Bin sehr zufrieden !
I should've seen if the size was mentioned. so I was surprised when it arrived. the quality of material is legit! instantly found great use for them in my li
Merce arrivata nei tempi previsti. Compatto modulo Bluetooth con attacco USB. Speriamo funzioni anche su monitor. Rapporto qualità-prezzo ottimo.