Alfawise delivers exciting and dynamic home technology. From powerhouse Android TV boxes to automatic robot cleaners, enjoy affordable technology at every price point. Alfawise combines premium design language, smart design and essential home ideas for less.

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4.8 out of 5

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La macchina Alfawise è realizzata con molle a doppia resistenza che supportano la parte bassa della schiena durante l'allenamento, questa unità è progettata per colpire gli addominali, gli addominali e gli obliqui superiori, medi, inferiori; perfetto per le persone con problemi alla schiena e al collo o anche per i principianti di fitness, è possibile eseguire 9 esercizi con 1 unità: offre un allenamento per tutto il corpo come sit-up, push-up, bridge, calci a forbice, ciclismo, avambraccio AB e bicipiti, tricipiti o porta plancia. Ha 3 livelli di resistenza: le molle di interblocco e la manopola di regolazione della resistenza offrono una resistenza regolabile che consente di personalizzare l'allenamento si può ripiegare facilmente e riporlo sotto il letto, la scrivania o in un armadio per l'uso quotidiano. Il coperchio può essere rimosso per un facile lavaggio e le impugnature sono avvolte in schiuma offrono una presa confortevole. Lo consiglio indubbiamente per la cifra che ho pagato, la recensione non può che essere ottima. Rapporto qualità prezzo secondo me ottimo, davvero soddisfatto dell'acquisto grazie Gear Best.
Nice lamp with only €12.85 at 900 lumens its the only one with that low price.<br>Has a good looking remote control.<br>You can set it on the wifi to work with the smart life app they give.<br><br>Cons: <br>When you power it off by the wall switch (not the remote) it might loose its settings and than you have to reset the lamp and start the app and the connection settings all over.<br><br>When you set a color with the remote control you can only set a range of 6 colors and you cannot change their brightness! :(<br><br>The 1% light (also in using night mode) isnt actually 1%, it still has alot of light looking more like 10%).<br><br>There should be a base to hold the remote somewhere, even better there should be a magnetic one, i glued one my self.
I have had this camera in my car for several months.<br>Its function is excellent, the angle of view is very wide, there is high sharpness in photography even at night and its operation is comfortable. The addition of a vehicle interior camera is helpful as well.<br>A significant point to check is - location of the camera: I am 1.75 meters tall and drive a Mitsubishi Etrage and do not like things in my field of view, so I installed the camera close to the car roof - although then I discovered that the outward facing camera area is not in the windshield wipers Not clear enough.<br>Installation high on the windshield can also damage the interior of the vehicle - while opening the sunshades they can block its field of view.
plusy - cena bola menej ako 5 €. funguje cez aplikáciu smart life. bez problémov sa rýchlo spojí z APP. nastavuje sa všetko od intenzity po farbu a čas... všetko funguje dobre. <br><br>mínusy - za cenu 4,5 je to dobrý produkt. zatiaľ neviem ako dlho bude fungovať. som spokojný<br><br>pros - the price was less than 5 €. works through the smart life application. easily connects quickly from APP. everything from intensity to color and time is set ... everything works well.<br><br>Cons - For a price of 4.5, it's a good product. I don't know yet how long it will work. I am satisfied
Me llegó hace 2 dias, aunque se demoró un poco en recoger el paquete desde la comprar, actualmente el producto tiene una nitidez increible, aunque hace un poco de ruido en el ventilador pero se deja de escuchar cuando funciona los parlantes, estos últimos tienen una calidad excelente y fuerte. El sistema operativo Android lo hace muy util para usar aplicaciones incluso juegos conectando un gamepad externo. La proyección se ve muy clara sobre todo en la oscuridad, aunque de dia tiene muy poca visibilidad. La saturación de colores es buena, depende sobre la superficie proyectada y este se puede modificar desde los ajustes. En general muy satisfecho con la compra.
Produkt godny polecenia. Odkurzacz mimo, ze nie ma skanera laserowego to też tworzy mapę pomieszczenia przez żyroskop. Sprząta bardzo dokładnie, Dużym plusem w tym przedziale cenowym jest opcja sprzątania na mokro. Pracuje bardzo cicho co jest też na plus. Da się uruchamiać przez aplikację w telefonie jak również posiada pilot. W wyposażeniu mamy dodatkowe dwie szczotki, szmatkę do mopowania, dodatkowy filtr. W przypadku konkurencji różnie z tym bywa. Uważam , że w tym przedziale cenowym ten robot jest naprawdę godny polecenia.
Very good printer . received on time . I have been printing for over 100 hours and everything is fine. I can use the same parameter as the ender 3 in addition to having the filament detector. The heating bed is quite straight. no big difficulty for editing because well explained in picture on a large sheet simple to understand. The screen is large and easy to use. I recommend this printer to all beginners
We are really enyoing watching films through Chromecast, and PC games on our bedroom wall. Picture is not to match good TV, but feeling of cinema wins over. Little too much noisy, also lens came somewhat dirty, so I had to clean them with compressed air. I guess on good screen, picture can be even better, we are using painted wall now, with good results. I would recommend this projector.
Quality is amasing, high precision, little noisy but worth the quality. I never printed before so I can't tell more compare to other 3D printers. I've adapted my default test g-code for u20 and voilá the results are amasing. Definitely a nice buy worth for the price. I leave some photos see and judge from yourself. Photo settings, out temperature: 23ºcelcius, head: 220º, bed: 70º.
I use the extruder nozzles in my printer and I am very satisfied with the workmanship. The nozzles have no sharp edges and can be screwed in without any problems. I will definitely order the parts again when my supplies run out. I am completely satisfied with the performance. I can't find any differences to the extruder nozzle supplied.
I primarily print functional parts and from time to time I had a clogged nozzle and thus failed printing. Since I found these inexpensive nozzles, I now preventively change the nozzle once a month; No problem at the price. So I would buy another one and would also recommend it to you and when you own it, you will never regret your buying.
first of all , the shipping is super fast, and quickly received the package.<br><br>I cannot wait to test this machine with a photo and it is working well. Very satisfied with the quality of the product and the software is super easy to install and use on Windows. The mini body is very good for home use, nice laser engraving machine you should buy.
Works great but you need to make sure soap has been thinned or diluted with water 1:6!<br>Otherwise it will not work.<br>Outcome is foam.<br>Battery life is extremely good when in standby operation.<br>You could also turn it off but that makes only sense for a room which is not visited very often such as guest restroom.<br>Please enjoy my video about the Alfawise AD - 1807 Infrared Sensor Automatic Liquid Foaming Soap Dispenser Pump.
-Beautiful body with rounded lights.<br>-Fast in all android applications.<br>-Big memory and strong processor.<br>-Wifi signal without any issues.<br>-Kodi runs smoothly.<br>-Cpu temperatures in normal levels.<br>-All hone entertainment apps run fast.
I was very pleased with this purchase, because I think this is a practical small gadget, its appearance is also exactly what I like. This trimming knife is nicely used for optimizing the 3D printer model, I also love the fact that It can be used on different surface, such as plastic and metal, it is really a bonus for me.
Niestety nie mam porównania z innymi urządzeniami tego typu. Jest dobry, tj jakość przekazywanego dźwięku jest ok, ale nie zachwyca, zdarzają się szumy czy też inne zakłócenia. Próbowałem bawić się z częstotliwością, na której pracuje, ale finalnie wróciłem do tej domyślnej, czyli bodajże 107.3.
Im leaving a 4 star review because qualitywise those earphones are really good. What is not that good is their own battery life as they cant really stay up for long. Alrthough, the base works as a powerbank, so it can really charge them more than 5-6 times while also charging your phone.
Umas das melhores aquisição que fiz , excelente produto funcionada perfeitamente . Pode comprar de olho fechado que ele vai suprir o que vc precisa totalmente sem fui bluetooth top
I purchased this item for my son for his birthday. By the end of the first day he was creating like he had been born with it. Very user friendly, easy to manipulate and control. Recommend this one to anyone just starting out. Very easy to use and suited for the beginner nicely
GEnialna, za te pieniadze nie kupi się lepszej szczoteczki. Na poczatku potwornie łaskotała w dziąsła. Teraz jednak super działa i czyisci. ma 5 trybow z czego teraz uzywam tylko 3 naprzemiennie. Jedyna wada jest timer ktorego nie da sie zmienic na dluzsze mycie zebow. po 30 sek na chwilke zatrzymuje sie co sygnalizuje zmiane z lewej strony na prawa. Bardzo dobre urzadzenie!
I'm using this tv box as my basic one in my living room, the last two years. It runs smoothly everything. I had no problems yet. I had some concerns about the 2gb ram but instead, it is doing great. A vfm box that I trust and recommend it from my personal experience.
i purchased this many for my family and friends i bought 1st for myself this are very good quality performance wireless headphones i love this.. thanks to gearbest.
Quality product-simple to understand and use. convert your 3D printer with this. I probably will buy another higher wattage unit next time around.<br>Use caution due to hazardous potential of light beam.
Estou bastante satisfeito com o aparelho. Funciona bem, muito facil de utilizar. <br>Um bom preço. Em comparaçao com outros aparelhos identicos, faz o mesmo serviço. <br>Só tenho uma dúvida. Nao sei se há acessórios de substituiçao quando precisar! <br>Resumindo ainda só utilizei 2 vezes para testar, mas estou satisfeito!<br>Recomendo.
Very good very good very good very good very good very good very good
Original Micro SD Card was not available and was replaced with a Samsung Micro SD Card. The card is good quality and fast enough. It works okay on the Raspberry PI 4B.
i really like it, very good sound quality for a reasonable price. 4 star goes only to the bad quality of microphone. I need to keep it just before my mouth in order to allow my friends to hear me.
Device itself is good, working without breaks. Software sucks though, remote cannot be used in most aplications like netflix, hbgo go, amazon prime - it doesn't scroll and navigate at all...
Rating: not very user friendly <br>Disadvantage: slow to respond to users actions, can not multi task <br>Advantage: works with mobile phone hotspot 4g<br>Recommend : yes
It works. I don't know what else I should say about it as 150 characters are required. It's white, it's filament, it goes to my printer and out come what I want to print. THat's it.