The Jumper Company History: 1997 Shenzhen Jumper Computer Technology Co., Ltd. was established 1999 in cooperation with the Stone Group, the first in the country launched the "Jumper" brand, the same year establish Jumper computer technology Ltd. research and development centers, research and development, production base 2000 to become Intel Partner 2001 Jumper computer launched the "Mobile PC" concept a new computer 2002 was identified as high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City 2003 Gome, Suning, and other large chain stores to cooperate 2004 was named Nanfang Dushi Bao "the most influential" brand, the same year, cooperate with Asus 2005 Intel China as "innovation club" members, and Intel jointly released the first digital home innovative PC products 2006 Together with Olympic champion LiXiaoShuang and President of Intel China, Lauch the world's first Core Duo Core computer 2007 was named the "integrity enterprises" by Southern Metropolis 20 years since the establishment 2008 world's NO.2 , the NO.1 in china release the experts of "small notebook" 2009 by the state as "national high-tech enterprise", with a number-one listed series of independent intellectual property rights 2010 was named "Shenzhen well-known brand" 2012 in cooperation with Microsoft China has become Microsoft's strategic partner 2013 independent intellectual property rights recognized by domestic and foreign customers, domestic Huawei, Foxconn, AOC provide products exported to many overseas countries, Egypt, India, Russia, South Korea, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, South Africa, Mexico, etc. 2014 to establish cooperation with major electricity suppliers, products Lynx Mall, Taobao, JD.COM Mall, Gome Mall, Suning Tesco, One store, Amazon and other platforms mall opened across the board 2015 Launch “dual touch” tablet ,got the "Editor's Windows tablet Choice " by Pacific network, "Annual recommended products" by Zhongguancun Online

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"LOVE these super charged tablets from Jumper. They are packing some mean Intel CPUs inside. Fast enough to be my daily driver. Lightweight enough for easy portability and they some great slim designs. Definitely classed as ultraportable but at crazy low prices. Fantastic value." "I bought my EZBook Air a week ago and have to say it exceeds my expectations. Superb display, packed with great components and even has USB Type-C. Really powerful and handles everything I throw at it with ease. Battery life is similarly impressive. Lots of functionality and performance, but affordable at the same time. Highly recommended." "Was shopping around for easy to use tablet and the Jumper EZPad Mini3 caught my eye. Real pleasure to use. Great mobile device. I bought a bluetooth keyboard and it pairs effortlessly. Adept at productivity but also games without any issues. Always silky-smooth performance throughout. I got mine for under $90 which is just phenomenal pricing for what's on offer. Jumper

4.7 out of 5

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Livraison rapide et conforme à la commande !!<br>Super leger avec son écran de 14” et son autonomie d’un peu près 12h avec gestion de charge de la batterie puis ces 4giga de ram et 64 giga de rom qui en feront votre compagnion ideal pour vos études ,traitements de texte,web,bureautique en général !!<br>J’aurais souhaité l’avoir en Azerty ,mais ont s’habitue vite au clavier Qwerty pour le prix !!!<br>Je recommande ce produit !!<br>Merci gearbest
Ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo laptop interamente in alluminio, velocità e fluidità i suoi punti di forza (rapportati al prezzo) pecca un po' di memoria ma con una spesa di non più di 20€ si può espandere schermo di buon livello come l'audio soddisfatto a pieno gira bene anche un programma di disegno come solidworks
toujours en activité avec son stylet , avantage c est hdmi avec qualité d image au top et usb accepte tout les support meme au dessus des 500 gb , temp de fonctionnemeent assez long qui est a dire par rapport a certaine le plus a retenir , bonne vitesse d execution d application , tres bonne
the best item that i bought, Working perfect, looks like MacBook, from now on will not buy highly expensive brand computers. highly recommend!
Sim, por esse preço é possivel termos um pc para trabalhar docs em Word, excel e powerpoint.<br>Bateria com uma boa autonomia.<br>Muito silencioso.<br>Apesar de alguns bugs, com paciencia são falcimente ultrapassados mais que não seja fazemos um restart :)
Very good product. I do some modification on heating dissipation and for the processor clock speed. Well done
Utilizzato per due anni consecuitivi, buon prodotto assolutamente soddisfatto<br>spazio poco ma questo lo sapete già<br>non vi aspettate un i7 in elaborazione <br>ram appena sufficiente per le esigenze di oggi web
The PC works well but the battery is damage, It only lasts an hour. how Can i ask for help??
Very pleased with laptop not so happy with length of wait before delivery
Boa experiencia com o produto.<br>Depois de 2 anos praticamente , ainda em uso.<br>Entrega na epoca foi dentro do esperado e voltei a comprar na Gearbest e voltarei sempre!
Тненький, легкий! Для походов или чтоб носить с собой самое оно! Начинка тоже порадовала! И прочный! Советую!
Prodotto di ottima qualità e di buonissime prestazioni.<br>Leggero, elegante, funzionale e prezzo competitivo.<br>Lo ricomprerei.
it is extremely light & portable
Molto contento, fatto bene...........................................................................