Shenzhen Yuan Ze Electronics Co. Ltd., 2014, the registered capital of 1 million, 30 employees, e-commerce team professional development: mainly for wholesale B2B, company culture: the company to "focus on the headset, hard service" as the core value, all to customer demand as the center, hope that through professional standards and unremitting efforts, reshaping the enterprise network image, provide service guidance for the enterprise product promotion of cultural development; Product development and sales of the original Shenzhen Yuan Ze Electronics Co., the company focused on the field of electro acoustic, dedicated to domestic and foreign users of various levels of professional excellence and cost-effective products. The company currently has more than the industry's top acoustic engineers, as well as the complete supply chain advantages, can provide customers with the appearance of the design and internal structure design and complete acoustic rectification program. A sound quality performance and magic sound (Monster)'s high-end headphones sound quality products, we need only a dozen yuan of the cost of the product can be made. And the left and right ear plus or minus tolerance control in 2DB (the standard tolerance of the international headset is positive and negative 3DB) quality is stable and reliable. We are very familiar with the current international big name headphone audio tuning direction and technical specifications, so we can also make and some international big name some of the high-end product 1:1 sound quality. But the absolute advantage of the cost price, I believe that every customer will like. Our company to the advantage of product technology as the cornerstone of the industry into the industry, the production of a number of manufacturers refused to manufacture some low-end products. We can use the amount to control costs, but can not be used to reduce the cost of quality, which is the basis of our foothold. The company now has a number of long-term cooperation of OEM and ODM customers, product lines are set for the high-end market, customer product sales prospects are clear. The company currently owns two brands, KZ and G.K, in the Chinese market quite well received by users.

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I ordered this product in November 2018. I can say that I give 5/5 for the overall user experience after almost two years of use. I have used and liked the KZ branded wired-headphones before, and when I thought of buying Bluetooth headphones, the KZ brand headphones come my mind first and ordered this headset considering the price/performance. Pairing is pretty easy and I have not experienced connection problems. The length of the cable is well adjusted and does not cause any discomfort. I find the sound quality successful, but I can say that it is more suitable for bass sounds. The only problem I experienced is when the headset is active, you hear a static sound if no media is playing. But when the music/sound plays, this static-sound disappears. Recommended.
Ja estou a + de um mês com o fone e ate agora estou adorando, som muito bom para um fone desse preço, o grave ate podia ser um pouco melhor mas pra mim já e o suficiente.<br>Algumas pequenas criticas que eu tenho são em questão do fio em que o lado onde fica o microfone e um pouco mais enrolado e na parte de cima que prende na orelha acabou ficando um pouco fora de posição e as vezes acaba saindo.<br>Apesar de ter demorado mais tempo pra chegar, e compreensível visto o atual cenário global na época do pedido, também não fui taxado.
Son muy buenos audífonos, nunca había probado la marca pero tienen una calidad de audio muy buena, muy buena opción si quieres unos audífonos con calidad premium a bajo precio.<br><br>They are very good headphones, I have never tried the brand but they have very good audio quality, very good option if you want premium quality headphones at a low price.
A construção é impecável o som é o melhor que já escutei em fones até hoje. o único ponto negativo é o cabo pode enrolar com facilidade e após muito tempo de uso pode cansar a parte traseira da orelha. O microfone que vem nesse cabo é de boa qualidade. Recomendo fazer o upgrade de cabo assim que possível para melhorar a qualidade do áudio ainda mais.
Harika bir urun ambiansi kesinlikle hissettiriyor sizi icine cekiyor seslerin kulaginiza ayri ayri geldigini hissediyorsunuz. KZ kalitesinden sasmamak gerekiyor ed12den sonra ilaç gibi geldi.
After about 9 months of testing I can say that these IEM's are great. Considering the price these can easily compete with popular brands over $100. Especially if you use an equalizer these headphones really shine.
Excelente audífonos, impecable tengo 1 año y 4 meses que lo compre quede super encantado con los audífonos KZ ED12.<br>Comprare otro, por que se me rompio el cable... Pero los meros audífonos esta super reforzado, son el cable que no esta reforzado, me gustaría que reforzarán el cable también para no tener problemas más adelante..
Excelente audífonos, impecable tengo 1 año y 4 meses que lo compre quede super encantado con los audífonos KZ ED12..<br>Comprare otro, por que se me rompio el cable... Pero los meros audífonos esta super reforzado, son el cable que no esta reforzado, me gustaría que reforzarán el cable también para no tener problemas más adelante..
I was skeptical of this headphones but have been using them for a while now and can recommend them for any device that has audio output. Might get another pair in the future to give away!
The KZ Universal 2 Pin 0.75mm Braided Silver-plated Earphones Cord is very strong, excellent sound reproduction, and well made. I would buy this item again.
These brand kz is absolutely great the sound is clear has good bass nice construction fits perfectly in the ear.
I got recommended these by a sound-engineer friend. They are incredible, and much better than branded rear-buds that I've spent 3 or 4 times the price on.
I highly recommend this product, so good, very strong, you cant hear a thing from "outside". Excellent, i will buy others for my family!
Fantastyczny pokrowiec na słuchawki. Polecam wszystkim. Dobry zamek. Idealne wykonanie. Wart swojej ceny. POLECAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very good in this price range, can be used as a good option for monitoring, sound is rules
Cool, really cool and so loud. The sound is so clean, bass bumps in your ear. So good for the price.
Estou impressionado com esse fone de ouvido, que fidelidade de som, graves, agudos, espetacular, super recomendo fones de ouvido KZ
This is the good phone. And best price. very low. Delivery its long but the product is very good. KZ have excelents headphones. KZ EDR2 have honest construction and amazing sound quality
Good quality to protect any headphones. very fast shipping.
O produto cumpre o que promete... Protege o meu fone KZ até de queda e cabe até no Bolso, e é por isso que recomendo.
¹. excelente custo benefício<br>². qualidade excepcional <br>³. durabilidade excelente<br>⁴. indicado e comprado por amigos , que estão felizes com o resultado
arrivate velocemente, qualita buona, diciamo da 7. Morbida al tatto, capiente e comunque ben fatta.
Całkiem niezłe słuchawki w bardzo rozsądnej cenie. Jakość równa cenie , cena równa trwałości. Słuchawki działają, jakość dźwięku kwestią gustu.
с задачей справляется, заряд держит, звук хороший, пульт работает, провод прочный
A qualidade, claridade e volume de som daí comparáveis com fones in ear que custam cerca de 10 vezes mais. E são também muito confortáveis
من المحزن انها قد سرقت لأنها الحل الوحيد لها السرقه أو الضياع بقوه الخامات الخاصه بيها فهي لن تنقطع أو تتلف بسهوله وصوتها جميل جدا
Muy buen producto con estéreo y no se malogra el cable del auricular. lo que por momentos duele el pabellón de la oreja.
Great performance, very low price. strong construction.<br>a little bit too low the mic volume.<br>Very "musical" and precise.
Excelente som para o valor. O cabo poderia ser um pouco mais forte mas estou contente com a compra.
Com um acabamento interessante e um som equilibrado. Pelo preço não se pode pedir melhor.