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I have had this about a month. Have been trying different apps and no problems with most apps. STIRR is slow but that is the server from STIRR and they need to upgrade. I installed a 1TB SSD hard drive for recording Sports, F1 races to watch during the winter off season. Must have tried over a dozen apps for recording. Not much luck with apps recording in an app. I stumbled on a great IPTV service. SHACK Television. It is a beautiful looking interface, Loads of channels USA, Canada, UK, lots of other countries too. The streams are stable just like cable. A limited Electronic Program Guide. TV shows are in a folder list, click and shows the episodes to select. Here is the kicker, LIVE TV has a record feature to your Hard Drive. Now this amazing box is like a PVR. My cable bill was $110 a month and I got Shack for 6 months for $99.
I Love it <br>I Got It In Less than 15 days.<br>Amazing Video Quality Strong Possessor very good quality! the best is that it can read hard drives in NTFS file system <br>I order One more For My Sister
LOVELY TV BOX<br>I RECCOMEND IT<br>is vfm tv box that you can buy this period<br>it makes exactly its job ..
this andriod box works great. i think this is the best andriod box i've ever bought. i well tall all my friends about this one . hope to see more great buys for here .
it's exactly how it's described and it's better than any other android box that I've owned.<br>Thanks Gearbest
Ottimo prodotto, semplice e veloce da usare ed installare.
Resolution of Netflix is 480p. Netflix do not update it.
Très bien, simple à utiliser! Recommandé sans hésitation !