A growing global phenomenon, Xiaomi has an amazing portfolio of products. By building on their streamlined production processes, Xiaomi has successfully integrated forward-thinking designs into each and every one of their product lines. 2014 was an unbelievable year for Xiaomi, releasing new phones, tablets, and earphones. With each growing success, Xiaomi has greater confidence in the ability to expand into other products.

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"Genuine world-class brand. Stunning designs, leading craftsmanship and flagship-level products at affordable prices. The new leader." "Always impressive, I love Xiaomi products for their consistency: they look and feel fantastic. And deliver uncompromising performance."

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I've been using this helmet for biking and for going around on my Segway scooter in Toronto. It feels pretty secure and the light on the back makes me feel a bit safer, so that drivers don't run me over. There's a few setting on it allowing for different light pulses, and there is also an automatic setting where it lights up automatically when it detects you are on the move. There must be an accelerometer in it or something. <br><br>The charging uses a small and short magnetic cord and it doesn't take long to charge, maybe 30 mins. The battery on the light lasts for 3-4 weeks with moderate usage. I bike maybe 2-3 times a week for a few hours. Also, I've let the helmet sit through winter and the light still comes back on during spring, so the battery seems solid, and it didn't die out. <br><br>I highly recommend this helmet, and hopefully they come out with more colours. I got the white one.
per poco più di 1200 euro mi sono portato a casa l'anno scorso un notebook da gaming (per necessità basilari) con una vecchia ma comunque performante 1060 GTX, un buon schermo luminoso, per non parlare delle ottime performance anche con grossi carichi di lavoro. Ormai ce l'ho da quasi 1 anno e scrivo solo ora la recensione perché ho voluto studiarmelo a 360 gradi e vedere nel tempo come si sarebbe comportato. Materiali (alluminio e magnesio e poco plastica), design riconoscibile e dotazione porte hardware al top! (forse unica pecca la mancanza di una Type C 3.1 Thunderbolt o eventualmente un ulteriore Type C).Xiaomi come in tanti altri prodotti, se non in tutti è una garanzia.<br>DA CONSIGLIARE ANCORA NEL 2020 se sta al di sotto dei 1000
prezzo onesto per un 3 GB RAM e 64 GB di rom.<br>molto maneggevole e si tiene bene in tasca date le dimensioni che sono come un 5 pollici tradizionale anche se il display è in 5,5.<br>anche se sulla carta la risoluzione non è elevata l'effetto del display è sempre più che buona, sembra quasi meglio di quanto dichiarato.<br>la batteria è ok, con solo 3000 mAh dura sempre almeno un paio di giorni.<br>fotocamera doppia appena sufficiente. lo speacker sul lato posteriore attutisce suoneria o riproduzione audio se il telefono è appoggiato su una superficie.<br>dopo un anno di utilizzo va ancora come il primo giorno, molto resistente!!
1. it was a great global experience. I'm very satisfied with it. I absolutely recommend it.<br>2. I like its innovative design. I dislike to have to put the windows system in French myself but I did quite easily.<br>3. the battery last quite longer than the other products. the screen quality is fantastic. the shipping was also very good.<br>4. I will absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a great computer quality.
The battery has given me a few problems since buying it, it doesnt last as long as it did at the beginning, however is something to take at account when buying one of these low prices smartphones so i expected it, it is something to take in account.<br><br>I just need to point out that i bought it like in 2017 and buying a brand new battery cost like 30 euros so it isnt really that much of a problem, the thing is that appart from that it has been awesome<br>Henceforth i shall just point out that my experience was quiet pleasant and i wouldnt mind buying another of these
I wanted a keyboard for software development and casual gaming.<br>Requirements:<br>- precise<br>- not too loud<br>- backlight<br>The keyboard could be a bit more quiet, and it allows for some fast typing.<br>The backlight does not depend on some software, so it works in any OS. You set the backlighting with the keyboard function key + pageup or pagedown.<br>I love the feeling/texture of the PBT keys, they are really much better than standard ABS keys.
Xiaomi Mi Original USB Type C Fast Charging Data Cable Type-C 1200mm Support 5V 2.1A Fast Charge 120cm<br><br>Main Features:<br>● Original Xiaomi Type-C to USB 2.0 cable<br>● Support data sync and charge<br>● Support 5V 2.1A fast charge<br>● Flat TPE cord, not easy to twine<br>● Length: 120cm<br><br>I can recommend.
Das Xiaomi Redmi 4x wurde als Zweitgerät gekauft und begeistert sehr. Die Akkulaufzeit ist prima, die Leistung des Prozessors reicht locker für Spiele und so selbstverständlich<br>auch für die täglichen Anforderungen.<br>Die Tonwiedergabe beim Telefonieren ist sehr gut: Sowohl<br>über Lautsprecher als auch Ohrhöhrer, als auch beim Gesprächspartner ist alles gut zu verstehen.<br>Der Akku ist sehr schnell geladen.<br>Ein feines Gerät für den täglichen Einsatz mit sehr handlichen Abmessungen.
Acquistato per interfacciare i sensori temperatura ed umidità Aqara, fa egregiamente il suo lavoro! Affidabile, non perde segnale. Utilizzabile anche per interfacciare i sensori di sicurezza porte. <br>Facile installazione e personalizzazione. <br>Impostare server Cina. <br>Arriva con un corredo un adattatore corrente
I bought this to cover 1000Mb net by service. I have house with 2 levels, and the signal can reach every single corner, with maximum range. Never brake it, and more than easy to setup by smartphone. It can reach more than 900Mb by wire, and around 350Mb by wifi. I think this is depend by at service as well.
I use it to watch YouTube on my TV, and to play downloaded movies and tv shows from my Synology NAS using Kodi.<br>It does it's job pretty well, and seamlessly.<br>No lags, <br>there are OTA updates regularly, just as you would expect.<br>Google Assistant also works fine, sometimes it's very handy.<br>The player sometimes needs a restart, but luckily not too often.
Фонарик xiaomi,яркость регулируется на самом фонарике, можно использовать как павер банк.Ебанная ук.таможня,срок доставки 72дня.заказал 10.01- получил 22.03.Остановили партию груза,в котором был мой заказ и требовали все документы для растаможки.За фонарик,штопаные гондоны таможенники,чтоб вы все сдохли, ребенок заказал на подарок,а вы сука 72 доставляли.Гондоны.
Mi Band Pulse 1S - Heart rate wristband<br><br>Mi Band 1S, a heart rate wristband - Everyone is worth having. During aerobic exercise, have a good heart rate, it is better to loss weight and improve cardiorespiratory capacity. Mi Band 1S equipped with a optical heart rate sensor, can real-time detect heart rate, let you adjust the motion state scientifically and consume fat efficiently. Mi Band 1S manages your motion every moment and take good care of you.
O som me surpreendeu pelo tamanho dela, é muito bonita, som de qualidade com o volume moderado, muito alto já apresenta distorção, e a bateria infelizmente não é tão boa quanto o anunciado, ultimamente tenho que carregar com menos de duas horas de uso. Preço tá um pouco elevado
fonctionne toujours bien mais les pneus, quelle galère !!! il m'arrivait de crever entre 1 et 2 fois par semaine sur 10km par jour. pneu avant uniquement bizarrement, je l'ai changé par un pneu dur.<br>sinon , le jeu de guidon apparaît rapidement , il faut acheter une cale 3D sur internet <br>aussi, le pb du feu arrière dont le fil de coupe <br>sinon, a part ces désagréments, j'adore être dessus, et je l'avais achetée moins de 300 euros a l'époque , une sacrée affaire
Dispositivo di fascia media, acquistato come regalo per una persona che ha poche pretese. <br>Il dispositivo tutto sommato funziona bene, pochi rallentamenti, pochi problemi, ma di sicuro non può essere paragonato con gli stessi Xiaomi di quel periodo (Redmi Note 5, per esempio).<br><br>Sono soddisfatto dell'acquisto in fondo, confrontato con altri dispositivi di quel livello e confrontandone i prezzi di sicuro questo è un best-buy.<br><br>Voto 6,5/10
используется не первый год используется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый год
Non conoscevo questa azienda fino a un anno fa fino a quando ho acquistato un smartphone Mi8. ho dvuto ricredermi e devo devo dire che' e' fatto molto bene ottimo processore molto fluido in qualsiasi circostanza. la fotocamera e' ottima, ottimo il display colori veri e non artefatti . in piu' sistema costantemente aggiornato. Io lo consiglio vivamente senza spendere soldi in piu' per altri marchi che non hanno nulla di piu'.
Note that on some phones, the mere insertion of this device will disable your microphone and/or speaker. But if all you need is a button to trigger automation, such as with Tasker on Android, it works as advertised. That said, not all android oses let you intercept the button press. Good luck!
I live in Bahrain but I change the location in the app to china but the device cannot be added in the app (I checked it with Huwawi router)<br><br>Then I tried with Xioami router, now everything is good and working except I still have orange light<br><br>any way the device is good but in Chinese language
Pós:<br>Custo beneficio excelente;<br>Bateria muito boa, câmera me atendeu conforme o previsto, alto-falante bem alto apesar de não ser estéreo, uso a mais de ano e não travou até hoje.<br>Contras:<br>Em chamadas viva voz, tem hora que a outra pessoa não escuta o que falamos logo assim que ela para de falar e iniciamos, creio que seja por conta do alto-falante ser próximo ao microfone na parte de baixo do aparelho.
Molto bello nel suo design minimal. Costruzione solida. E la possibilià di poter caricare così tanti dispositivi nello stesso tempo mi ha permesso di liberare qualche presa a muro e di non avere più tanti caricabatterie sparsi per casa.
I have been using this one since 2017 and i had any problem, the only thing i shall say is that the battery doesnt last as much as it did when i bought it, but is something that doesnt really stand out, something that normally happends in low-medium priced smartphones.<br><br>Henceforth i shall just point out that my experience was quiet pleasant and i wouldnt mind buying another of these
Need a 4K smart TV? If you have a 4K monitor this will make it perfect! Easy to use, great picture quality even with non-4K source, great sound with SPDIF audio, have it hooked up as the alternate source for my 4K gaming monitor and linked to 5.1 sound system.
my house has several wifi based smart devices and the device privided by the ISP didn't work as expected.<br><br>changed the ISP device to ethernet only and using this device for all wifi functionality. works great and really one-time configuration.
Entrega antes do prazo. <br>Para um aparelho de entrada é surpreendente o desempenho que ele tem com os App cotidianos. A Redmi é uma linha da Xiaomi que tem surpreendido com excelentes aparelhos e estou muito satisfeito com uso. Falando da camera, não é uma critica, mas pelo preço é o resultado esperado. Apesar de que na versão 5 em diante as cameras já são muito boas.
Moins cher sur ce site ... même s'il ne faut pas être pressé .<br>Super, costaud . Juste une coque et une protection d'écran en plus pour le rendre ( presque) indestructible.<br>Plusieurs années d'utilisation sans aucun changement. Batterie au top, pas besoin de recharger tous les jours.<br>C'est pour cela que j'ai attendu plusieurs années avant de donner un avis constructif.
This pen is not only beautiful in terms of design but also for how it writes. He's got a stretch often at the right point. It has no problems on any paper surface. The only flaw is that it gets dirty very easily
Ero scettico quando l'ho acquistato ma visto il prezzo bassissimo l'ho preso per l'estate per ascoltare la musica all'aperto. Che dire? Mi ha stupito si sente sempre molto bene anche ad alto volume senza distorcere mai il suono e l'autonomia è eccellente. Il pairing bluetooth nel mio caso è sempre stato veloce e senza problemi. Niente male veramente
l'ho pagato meno di qualsiasi altro negozio online e devo dire che ho cercato minuziosamente. Il telefono e veramente ok e siccome lo avevo acquistato per mia moglie ho finito per invidiarla un po' in quanto prende dove tutti i cellularti di altre marche e modelli non prendono.Per gearbest che dire: spedizione economica e garanzia di serieta'