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These meat claws are strong, sharp, and really do make shredding cooked meat easier. Before I bought these, I pulled pork (and beef, and chicken) with two forks. That always took more time and effort than I thought it should, and my hands were always tired and sometimes achy afterwards. So, for an upcoming family gathering where I planned to pull two whole pork shoulders, I wanted a better method. I ordered a set of these, but as the date of the gathering drew near, and I worried I would not get these claws in time, I bought a different pair of meat-pulling claws at a local store. Then, these arrived, in time for the gathering. As a result, I was able to "test drive" both types of tools. I have to say that using these Cave Tools claws is the superior way to pull pork shoulder into shreds. The grips on these tools allow them to work like extensions to my knuckles, and they really do allow the user to pull an entire pork shoulder into shreds in just a couple of minutes, versus what I estimate would have been 10 to 15 minutes of work using two forks, and would have resulted in tired "people paws" afterward. Great claws!!!
I got my son a bag for his swim stuff for his birthday. It has a side pocket for a water bottle; however, the pocket isn’t very wide. I searched for a while looking for a bottle that would fit into the pocket and this water bottle made by “POP design” fits perfectly. Not only does it fit perfectly into his new bag, it is made very well. It has a nice weight to it. It’s very slim making it easy to fit into any bag pocket. The top is a nice thick metal that has a good seal, so I don’t have to worry about leaks. Very easy to clean. I will be purchasing another one for my daughter, and I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good quality water bottle.
These things are awesome. You may feel like Wolverine when you pull them out of the package but be careful because they are very sharp. Yes they're very sharp but I didn't feel like Wolverine, no I felt like a bear. Not the cuddly bearded flannel clad San Francisco kind of bear, and not Pooh Bear either. I felt more like a grizzly bear, a big angry,salmon eating Alaskan bear. These meat claws ripped through my pork roast to make shredded pulled pork like a grizzly bear through a Alaskan hunters tent. These things are awesome and I can see them lasting for many years to come.
It worked perfectly. I have to admit though that I have not checked the temperature in C, but F works perfectly, considering that I have not used a side by side comparison with another thermometer. It is pretty quick with coming up with a temperature which an instant read thermometer should do, compared with the cheap slow reading thermometer that I have used over the years. The longer probe is a definite plus giving an extra measure of safety and security when checking the temperature of a thigh or roast.
I had NO idea how much I suffered from bad sieves until I replaced them! My LiveFresh strainers are easy to clean (broad, well-designed rims). There are no little wires sticking out that destroy cleaning cloths or pierce my fingers. The handles are well designed, easy to hold and very stable. Suddenly, draining food is ten times easier. This set is also quite competitively priced, so I am enjoying a bargain, as well. Couldn't be happier, and highly recommend this set.
These are by far the BEST salt and pepper grinders I have purchased. We have gone through so many~usually it is the Pepper grinder. Was so tired of purchasing over and over, not to mention the expense. These are very well made, easy to fill and use. HIGHLY recommend this product.<br>DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE REST WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THE BEST. Thanks for making an outstanding product!!!!
I like these a lot. They are attractive, effective, and because they are thin, flexible, and not bulky, they don't take up much room in a kitchen drawer, making them a win/win. I have granite counters, but a wood table. So, I still need hot mats but wanted something I wasn't embarrassed to put out when we have company.
Seriously HEAVY DUTY! I had some large reservations about the quality of these when I was searching, but all the reviews said they were heavy duty, so I ordered them. SOOOOO glad I did!!! They are thick, long-handled, and STURDY! I immediately used them to make banana bread. So far they are so worth the money!!!
Build quality seems to be nice. Two options for peeling. really good sharpness. very useful for kitchen. stainless steel material. easy to handle and clean.
Чудное приспособление для разделения желтка и белка яйца !!!Приходит в фирменной коробке- инструкция на нескольких языках,включая русский!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought these because they would not damage the non-stick surface of a specialty food cooker. When they arrived they were better made and significantly more substantial than I expected. I use them all the time both in the kitchen and on the outdoor grill.
- keeps very cold<br>- out of freezer drinks stay cold for approx. 4 H<br>- Using since mid 2017 weekly and keep using it happily<br>- one of the better chinese items, they know how to insulate for a good price<br>- EU products are much more expensive if available
one of the best service get within time period, buy more items in future loving it, one of the best site i ever seen in my life please guys buy it what you want they send accurate and best condition products to your home and very good packed thanks
It works great! I made a whole pile of chopped sweet potatoes in less than 5 minutes! It took a bit of getting used to at first because I was afraid I would break it, but it's really a lot sturdier than it looks and does everything I need it to do!
Can't fault the design, dishwasher safe and well made. Ergonomically, it makes a lot of sense to me as the thumb guard means it's easy to apply pressure when cutting as well as protecting my thumb. Makes thick crusts super easy to cut now.
The zanmini ZM106 Stainless Steel Ice Cubes are very great! Good material with liquid inside, looks premium quality product. And works well. I'm very satisfied with it.
Όλα καλά,λίγο ακριβό μονο ,excellent products , very good quality, πολύ καλό και ποιοτικό κράτα την σκόνη μακριά,ασφαλιζει αρκετά καλά και κρατάει για αρκετή ώρα ζεστό το φαγητό η αντίστοιχα κρύο
Love to use this set to decorate my cakes, pies and even tiramisu! It has a lot of choices (24 little tops). I am not sure I need all of them, but it nice to have them and always try a different one.
First I thought the box is not deep, however after I receive it , I found this lunch box can stretch to really deep. so don't hesitate to bought this lunch box! Really love the color.
What's great about these tongs is that: 1) they match my kitchen stuff; and 2) you don't need a spoon rest to put them on.<br>The end locks work well.<br>The 2 lengths are perfect.
More wonderful product thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks
Great product - good size and quite thick. Work well as pot holders, trivets for hot dishes and also to get a good grip on jar lids to twist off. Highly recommended.
strong, keeps all my drinks on it on the best temperature ever!<br>thanks a lot!<br>strong, keeps all my drinks on it on the best temperature ever!<br>thanks a lot!
This is fantastic scale! I am on a diet which requires me to measure my food intake and this thing helps me tremendously. Its slick with a nice digital screen.
I love this meat thermometer! Although I intended to buy a candy thermometer I decided to keep it and I am glad I did. It is really well made.
These are an excellent set of cookie cutters. They seem to be very well made and very useful in many baking and cooking situations.
These work great. Sharp, easy to use. I like these better than the ones with the jar opener on the handles as that can nick you.
Amazing product!Love it so much. I used it all time it's very good quality product. I will be buy this next time if i need it !
Realy nice item.<br>It can keep the water warm till more than 12h.<br>Nice quality.<br>Lots of different types of nozzles.
Amazing, I love it. Works great. Very fast shipment. Does what it should. 100%of pros no cons. Recommend